Weekly Sudbury Real Estate Market Update

We are in Sudbury's Spring market. It's far from the traditional market but we will still see a spike in activity, especially over the COVID shut-down numbers that we were facing in the last few weeks. From a real estate perspective, I predicted 2 weeks ago that we had seen the bottom of activity, specifically from a transaction level. With the # of sales and # of new listings bottoming out at 15 for the last 2 weeks, this week we saw a huge boost. If you’re thinking about buying or selling during Sudbury's Spring market, take a look at the numbers for last week in the Real Estate Market. 

Knowing the most important data such as the average sales price, number of homes sold, and days on market will better prepare you as a buyer or as a seller in the Sudbury Real Estate market.

Our weekly market report showcases everything you need to know about local real estate trends. Want to know more about how these trends apply to your situation? Schedule a virtual call and let's chat! My calendar is open!